Freezer-Friendly Shepherd's Pie Casserole | Kitchen Cents

Amazing Shepherd’s Pie Casserole

This Shepherd’s Pie casserole has hearty layers of deliciously seasoned beef, veggies, and creamy parmesan mashed potatoes.  Make as a prep-ahead freezer meal to speed up midweek dinnertime preparations.

Chewy Chocolate Chunk Oat Flour Cookies | Kitchen Cents

Chocolate Chunk Cookies

These chocolate chunk cookies are made with oat flour, packed with chocolate chunks, and are perfectly chewy and delicious. A rich, chewy, chocolate-y cookie great to enjoy on its own or...

Home Canned Rosemary Chicken |

Home Canned Rosemary Chicken

Home Canned Rosemary Chicken is a great gourmet addition to any food storage. Save time and money with this delicious chicken recipe. No thawing required.

The BEST Nutty Maple Pumpkin Bars | Kitchen Cents

The BEST Maple Pumpkin Bars

Can you guess the secret ingredient in these amazing, moist Maple Pumpkin Bars?  Let’s just say, this delicious fall favorite has a super nutty secret in more ways than one....

Canned Green Beans |

How to Can Fresh Green Beans

Learn how to make Home Canned Fresh Green Beans.   Home canned green beans are a great way to preserve garden fresh green beans for year-round enjoyment.  Perfect to use as a...

Healthy Green Smoothie |

Easy Green Smoothie

This easy green smoothie is filled with nutrient-rich kiwi, pineapple, spinach, and banana and is ready in less than 5 minutes.  Add an extra fruit and veggie boost to your...