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Easy 4-Cheese Manicotti Appetizer |

Easy 4-Cheese Mini Manicotti

Have you ever heard of mini manicotti?  Let me just say, miniaturizing food makes it taste better.  😉  I don’t know why, but it just does.  These Easy 4-Cheese Mini...

Easy Wok Chicken and Broccoli with rice |

Easy Wok Chicken and Broccoli with rice

Chicken and broccoli cooked wok style paired with a sweet teriyaki sauce & hint of spicy peppers makes this Wok Chicken and Broccoli a flavorful, guilt-free meal.

The BEST Savory Salmon Steaks |

The Best Savory Salmon Steaks

If you are looking for a great dish full of flavor, you will find it with this salmon recipe.  It’s The Best Savory Salmon Steaks recipe because of its savory...

Easy Sage Thanksgiving Casserole |

Easy Thanksgiving Casserole

Happy Thanksgiving Eve! I thought with the national foodie holiday coming tomorrow it would be nice to share this helpful casserole recipe that would be great for leftovers. This delicious Easy Thanksgiving Casserole is...