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Quick and Easy Halloween Rice Krispie Treats with chocolate | Kitchen Cents

Easy Halloween Rice Krispie Treats

Easy Halloween Rice Krispie Treats – Delicious, classic rice krispie treats cut into spooky, festive Halloween shapes and colored with chocolate coating.    

Easy 5-Minute Full Moon Oreo Bat Cookies | Kitchen Cents

5-Minute Bat Cookies

EASY 5-Minute Bat Cookies – Oreo cookies, and chocolate coating make this fun bat cookies a quick, easy Halloween treat that tastes great!

Quick, Easy Triple Berry Smoothie | Kitchen Cents

Triple Berry Banana Breakfast Smoothie

Refreshing Triple Berry Banana Breakfast Smoothie – a breakfast-worthy, easy smoothie filled with fresh frozen raspberries, blackberries, strawberries and hint of fresh banana.  A great way to start any day!

Easy 3-Ingredient Chocolate Mousse | Kitchen Cents

Easy 3-Ingredient Chocolate Mousse

Easy 3-Ingredient Chocolate Mousse – light, airy, smooth and whips up in less than 5 minutes. A great chocolate lovers dessert perfect for any night of the week!

Bloody Peanut Butter Cup Witch Fingers | Kitchen Cents

Peanut Butter Cup Witch Fingers

Peanut Butter Cup Witch Fingers – homemade Reese’s peanut butter cup filling, covered in chocolate and topped with an almond sliver nail. A perfectly spooky Halloween treat everyone will enjoy.   Peanut butter...

Amazingly Soft Walnut Applesauce Cookies | Kitchen Cents

Moist Walnut Applesauce Cookies

These Walnut Applesauce Cookies are perfectly spiced, moist, cake-like cookies filled with chunks of walnuts and a hint of fall spices.  They’re sure to fill your kitchen with the heavenly...

Freezer-Friendly Shepherd's Pie Casserole | Kitchen Cents

Amazing Shepherd’s Pie Casserole

This Shepherd’s Pie casserole has hearty layers of deliciously seasoned beef, veggies, and creamy parmesan mashed potatoes.  Make as a prep-ahead freezer meal to speed up midweek dinnertime preparations.

Chewy Chocolate Chunk Oat Flour Cookies | Kitchen Cents

Chocolate Chunk Cookies

These chocolate chunk cookies are made with oat flour, packed with chocolate chunks, and are perfectly chewy and delicious. A rich, chewy, chocolate-y cookie great to enjoy on its own or...