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Kitchen Cents was started in late 2016 and is made up of hundreds of delicious, easy, budget-friendly recipes the whole family will enjoy.

It’s a place where you’ll find tried and true family-favorite recipes you can easily make at home without breaking the bank. We have an unspoken 70/30 rule around here… about 70% of the recipes shared are dessert related, 30% are everything else. If you have a sweet tooth, you’re gonna love it here.

Rachel is a busy mom to four cheeky little ladies. Naturally we specialized in quick easy desserts the whole family loves like this EASY 3-Ingredent Chocolate Mousse recipe plus a sprinkle of dinner ideas and a slew of side dishes, salads, healthier options and breakfast recipes.


Hi, I’m Rachel!

A chocolate-loving, kitty-cat-snuggling, money-saving foodie behind this blog. For me, food is life! Creating delicious recipes and seeing my hard work bring happiness to so many is a serious passion of mine.

I’m a self-taught home cook who’s spent the better part of my life creating in the kitchen. Desserts and sweets are my absolute favorite (probably why I can’t get the motivation to loss a few pounds).

I made my first wedding cake at 12 years old right after I discovered the wonderful world of food. I continued cooking, baking and exploring the magic of food for a couple of decades before starting this blog. During high school and collage I took as many culinary arts courses as my schedule would allow. I learned techniques and the sciences behind baking and cooking. This only fueled my passion and increased my desire to share it.

I always thought I’d get a degree in culinary arts and become a chef–someone that made people happy through food. I quickly realized a traditional profession in the food industry would come at the cost of my family, nights, weekends, and holidays. Instead I graduated from Utah State University with a BS in Family & Consumer Sciences and a minor in Sociology.

This blog started as my creative outlet to share my experience in the kitchen and what I knew, even if my sisters and mom were the only ones that saw it. I am grateful that many people have found joy in my recipes and because of that I’ve been able to help support my family with it. Thank you for being here!


Life can be a little crazy raising 4 little misses (not so little anymore). I do my best to bring one to two new recipe to the site every week but if a week or two slips by, know that I’m always actively working behind the scenes on new recipes and keeping things fresh for the best user experience I can offer.


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Over the years I’ve found things that work for me and things that don’t. I started this blog on a home-hosted server, $8.99 domain name and a $250 used DSLR camera. A lot has changed since then and I’ve been able to reinvest into my business and acquire or update my gear. Here’s a list of what I’m currently using:

  • Canon 80D DSLR with nifty 50mm lens
  • Godox SL200 with large softbox (I use two of these when shooting videos). I shoot almost exclusively with artificial lighting.
  • Replica backgrounds and tripod stand–my studio space is very small and the tripod stand set up was a game-changer for me.
  • Adobe Lightroom and Premiere Pro for photo and video editing, Picasa for image sizing which is no longer available.
  • Hundred of dishes, cake stands, props and linens. I’ve moved almost exclusively to white dishes to gain the airy, bright food photos I totally love.


As our business has grown so has our team.


Ryan (aka, the hubby) has been a part of Kitchen Cents since the beginning. He gifted me the domain name for my birthday in 2016, learned how to do a DIY server to host KC ourselves, dabbled in video editing and helps to maintain the backend IT and storage for Kitchen Cents outside our host. He is a designated taste-tester (as long as no cheese is involved) and my biggest cheerleader.

Ryan is an avid designer and creator always designing something… roads, 3D models, 3D prints, house plans, table plans, woodworking or a family project. He is a closet computer enthusiast and is like a kid in a candy store when he walks into any electronics facility. If he’s not designing something or hanging with our girls, he can usually be found contributing to a reddit thread, enjoying a game on his Steam Deck, or turning a wooden bowl in the garage.

Cydnee with Cascada Connect


Cydnee joined team Kitchen Cents in 2021 as a Social Media Consultant. In the past, she has provided timely recipes for the season and kept you all up to date on what was happening in our kitchen through our social media platforms and currently keeping us up to date on the latest changes within the social media realm.

Cyndee is a co-founder of Cascada Communications, a digital marketing company helping others to elevate their online game. She’s also a foodie through in through which makes her a perfect fit around here. Travelling to see new places and try new foods is one of her favorite things to do. She’s seen the Sydney Opera House in Australia, enjoyed authentic carne asada in Belize, cooled off with the best gelato ever in Italy, climbed ever step in the Eiffel Tower, completed her Masters Degree in London and had many weekend excursions exploring all of Europe.

We are so glad that you are here and look forward to having you be a part of our community!