Easy Candy Money Lei

With graduation time here!  This super easy candy money lei is a great last-minute graduation gift your grad is sure to love and appreciate.  It can be ready to gift in 20 minutes or less. Ready, GO!

Super Easy Money Lei | Kitchen Cents

Do you have a student graduating this year?  A son or daughter? Neice? Nephew? Brother? Sister?  Whoever your grad is, they are going to love this money lei necklace loaded with fun candy and moolah!

My little sister is graduating high school this year. Go class of 2018!  My siblings and parents decided the best gift we could give her was a bunch of money.  Of course, an envelope full of money wouldn’t be as cool as a candy lei with money that looked all pretty.  We all know that, right?  So that’s what we decided to do.

With this money lei being my first, I was so surprised at how fast it came together.  Folding the bills was the biggest time sink but not even a big one.  It took less than 10 minutes to fold (like an accordion) the bills we were giving her.  It took another 5 minutes to tie the center string, fan the bills edges out and apply a small piece of tape to keep them fanned out. Lastly, I placed the candy on a long piece of plastic wrap (the clear kind) with about an inch and a half between each candy. I wrapped the candies until it was a long log then tied a ribbon between each candy.

Super Easy Money Lei | Kitchen Cents

I attached the folded money flowers with the extra string from the center tie I made.  I triple-knotted it to make sure they wouldn’t fall off.  That was it.  So simple but fun.

If you want the money to have more waves you can double it up.  Meaning, you can place two bills together for one flower.  I made two money lei necklaces, one with 10 bills and the other with 4 bills.  I made 5 flowers out of 10 bills and 4 flowers out of 4 bills.  If you look closely at the pictures you will see the flowers with denser waves.  These money flowers turned out great for how easy and quick they are to make.

Super Easy Money Lei | Kitchen Cents

My sister’s school colors are crimson and gold.  The red and gold-wrapped candies were a must when I saw them at the store.

I’m so excited to see her face the day of graduation when we give this to her.  We will be giving it to her right before the ceremony so she can add a fun pop of candy color to her cap and gown.

Who will you be gifting a money lei to this year?

Super Easy Money Lei | Kitchen Cents

Congrats to all you Grads out there! Here’s to a bright future full of happiness and wealth. 😉

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