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Gluten Free Ice Cream Chocolate Tacos + WonderMill Review



These gluten-free Ice Cream Chocolate Tacos have crisp sweet shells lines with chocolate, filled with ice cream, topped with chocolate and sweet toppings.  So much better than the gas station ice cream taco, these will become a summertime favorite!  Plus, I used home-milled rice flour in this gluten-free recipe. Check out my review on the WonderMill Grain Mill I used.

Gluten Free Chocolate Tacos | KitchenCents.com This gluten-free ice cream chocolate tacos recipe came about because of my husband and his co-workers.  He came home one day a few months back and told me about an inside joke they all had together with the punchline being Choco Tacos.  I joked with him about how funny it would be to take in a couple dozen homemade chocolate tacos.  He loved the idea so here we are. I made a batch of ice cream chocolate tacos (non-gluten-free) for my husband to take to work.  Everyone loved and raved about them except one… my husband’s supervisor.  Bah! Of course… his supervisor couldn’t have one because he’s on a gluten-free diet due to a medical condition.  I stayed up late that night perfecting this gluten-free taco shell and researching which candy bars and sprinkles I could use as toppings. Of course, I didn’t have rice flour on hand but I did have rice and a new grain mill I need to try out.

WonderMill Electric Grain Mill Review:

Unboxing products like this WonderMill Electric Grain Mill is always a favorite of mine.  I unboxed the mill after admiring the box and all of its information such as its claim to being the World’s #1 rated grain mill and one of the quietest mills around. Gluten Free Chocolate Tacos | KitchenCents.com As I unboxed the mill I did notice some extra plastic on the catch basin tubing that could have been removed before selling.  Not that big of a deal to me but to some, it might be.  It didn’t affect the functionality of the mill at all. Gluten Free Chocolate Tacos | KitchenCents.com I followed the directions in setting the mill up.  The directions were clear and concise.  I followed the use directions which said to run a couple cups of rice or grain through the mill to “clean” it, discarding the flour as it may be contaminated. Once that step was complete I proceeded to make my rice flour.  I was very impressed at how fast the rice fell into the mill through the hopper and was milled into flour. Gluten Free Chocolate Tacos | KitchenCents.com It was only a matter of a minute or so until the whole hopper of rice had been milled into a fine flour.  With the claim of being a “quiet” mill, I was a little surprised when I turned it on.  It made me jump.  Haha.  I haven’t been around very many electric grain mills and didn’t expect it to be as loud as it was.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that loud, it was just louder than I expected.  When I turned it on it definitely sounded like a high quality motor. Gluten Free Chocolate Tacos | KitchenCents.com I found the mill settings to be very convenient and easy to set.   This enables you to be able to mill your grains into course, fine or extra fine depending on what you’ll be making (breads, pastries, etc.).  I milled my rice using the bread setting.  In the instruction manual, it stated the bread setting would give me a flour similar to the consistency of all-purpose flour you can buy in the store. Gluten Free Chocolate Tacos | KitchenCents.com There was only one thing I’d recommend to the manufacturer regarding the WonderMill Electric Grain Mill.  I would have a cleaning or dusting brush included in the purchase to clean the opening of the mill after every use.  In the instructions, it was recommended to clean out the small opening of the mill after every use.  I didn’t have a small enough brush to adequately clean it as the instructions explained but I did what I could with the brush I had.  It would be convenient to have a brush in with the product. All in all,  this mill actually exceeded my expectations.  I look forward to milling all kinds of grains, rice, etc in the future.  If you’d like to learn more about WonderMill or buy a WonderMill Electric Grain Mill for yourself, check them out online by clicking here.

Back to the Gluten-Free Ice Cream Chocolate Tacos…

Once I had the rice milled into flour I was ready to mix up my sweet choco taco shell batter.  This gluten-free sweet taco shell was really easy to make.  Once the batter was made I cooked it using a pizzelle maker.  If you don’t have a waffle cone or pizzelle maker, don’t worry, you can bake these right in your oven. Gluten Free Chocolate Tacos + Wondermill review | KitchenCents.com I made another batch of these today using my oven.  Time for time, the oven vs pizzelle maker… they were about the same on cook time because I could bake (10 minutes) 6 at a time but only make 2 in the pizzelle maker (about 2 minutes). I like to freeze the ingredients after each step, meaning, freeze shells after they are formed; freeze shell after applying a thin layer of chocolate inside; freeze ice cream filled shell before dipping in chocolate; freeze tacos after finishing with chocolate and toppings.  This makes the process less messing, easier to manage, and your final tacos look more delicious.  Take my word for it.  😉 Gluten Free Chocolate Tacos | KitchenCents.com Also, when I fill the chocolate coated shell with ice cream, I use a piping bag or ziplock bag with a large hole cut at one end.  I soften the ice cream just enough to be able to pipe it into the shell then refreeze the ice cream filled shell before dipping (covering the top) in chocolate and candy/nuts/sprinkles. Gluten-free diet or not, these are so dang good!  My husband came home with so many compliments on the homemade ice cream chocolate tacos.  A few of the guys he works with get Choco Tacos at the gas station regularly and said these ones are SOOO much better! Woot!  I hope you all have a fabulous remainder of your summer and enjoy a little homemade ice cream chocolate tacos.

Are you on a GF diet?  What’s your favorite GF dessert?

Gluten Free Chocolate Tacos + Wondermill review | KitchenCents.com
Gluten Free Chocolate Tacos + Wondermill review | KitchenCents.com

Gluten Free Ice Cream Chocolate Tacos

Yield: about 12
Prep Time: 30 minutes
Cook Time: 30 minutes
Additional Time: 2 hours
Total Time: 3 hours

These gluten-free Ice Cream Chocolate Tacos have crisp sweet shells lines with chocolate, filled with ice cream, topped with chocolate and sweet toppings.


Gluten Free Taco Shell

  • 1/4 cup melted butter
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 4 large egg whites
  • 1 tsp almond extract
  • 1/2 cup white rice flour
  • 1/4 cup tapioca flour
  • 1/4 cup cornstarch
  • 1/2 tsp salt

Filling and toppings

  • 12 to 16 oz Chocolate, inside taco shell and on top of filled taco
  • 1/2 gallon ice cream , easiest if you use a kind WITHOUT bits and chunks i.e. vanilla or chocolate
  • chopped up candy bars, cookies, nuts, sprinkles


  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees or turn pizzelle or waffle cone maker on.
  2. In a medium bowl mix sugar and butter together. Add egg whites and almond extract.  
  3. Add white rice flour, tapioca flour, cornstarch, and salt to egg mixture. Blend until well mixed.
  4. Scoop 1 to 1 1/2 tablespoons batter onto lined, greased cookie sheet (about 5-6 crisps taco shells at once). Bake at 375 degrees for 9-10 minutes until edges begin to brown.
  5. Pull out of the oven and immediately (one at a time) remove from pan and curl around the handle of a wooden spoon or something like it to form into a taco shell. Work quickly because as the crisps cool they will harden. This happens within a couple minutes of removing from the oven.
  6. Once hardened, place in a ziplock bag and into the freezer until you are ready to assemble the tacos.
  7. MELT 1/3 of the chocolate. Spread a very thin layer of melted chocolate on the inside of each taco shell. I like to freeze them to help them set quickly. Having them cold will also prevent the ice cream from melting.
  8. When ready, pull ice cream out of the freezer so it has time to soften a little before using.  
  9. Spoon softened ice cream into a piping bag or ziplock bag with a large round piping tip or cut a 1/2 inch hole in the tip. Place in freezer until ice cream sets firm. *The colder the ice cream, the quicker the chocolate will set and the less oozing you might have.
  10. Prep toppings (candy bars, sprinkles, nuts, cookies, etc). 
  11. Melt remaining chocolate. Pour into small bowl just big enough to dip the top of the tacos into.
  12. Pip ice cream into chocolate (inside) covered taco shell. Fill to the very outside but don't overfill. Dip outer top (where you pipped the ice cream in) into chocolate to "lock" the ice cream in. IMMEDIATELY sprinkle with topping before chocolate hardens.
  13. Immediately place in freezer to avoid further melting. Enjoy whenever you need a chocolatey cold treat. 🙂


If using a pizzelle maker or waffle cone maker, used the amount of batter recommended. Yield and cook times will vary depending on the method of cooking.

Looking for more delicious GF recipes?  Check these ones out: [wds id=”4″] *This post contains affiliate links. In order to support this blog and continue providing free content, I may receive a commission from purchases you make through the links in this post.  This comes at no cost to you. It just helps me keep the delicious recipes coming. 🙂 *This post was sponsored by WonderMill but all opinions and reviews are my own.

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