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Wedding Cake Ideas



You have the ring. You have the dress. Now, let’s talk wedding cake ideas! I’m sharing 3 uniquely beautiful wedding cake designs I recently created for friends and family on their special day.

Wedding cake ideas Kitchen Cents (2)

Let’s talk cake!

Knowing cakes have been a thing for me, two of my best friends and a cousin asked me if I’d be willing to make their wedding cakes. Naturally, I said yes (even if it had been years since my last wedding cake creation). Wedding dates were set and schedules solidified. I had my work cut out for me.

In this post you will find a brief description of the wedding theme, colors and cake design with a few photos. I’m creating this post as an idea generator. If you’re looking for a more in depth post on each cake and how I created each element, stay tuned. I will be sharing those over the next few months.


Waterfall-Inspired Wedding Cake

Wedding Theme: world travel, new adventures and beginnings

Wedding Colors:Aggie” blue, mauve, light gray and off-white

If you are looking for a beautiful nature-inspired, world or travel themed wedding cake, this is it. This cake was made up of 3 tier. The top layer was 8″ – blue velvet cake with cheesecake as filling. The middle layer was 11″ – coconut cake with vanilla swiss meringue buttercream and mango filling the bottom layer was a whopping 14″ – blue velvet cake with vanilla swiss meringue buttercream).

White marshmallow fondant as the base color with a waterfall ascent made with blue fondant streaked with white on 1/3 of the cake. The waterfall element was outlined with homemade chocolate-covered honeycomb that has been hand painted. Wooden flower accents and rosemary were added for a special touch. The base of each tier was wrapped with a 2-inch wide mauve-colored ribbon.

Waterfall wedding cake fondant with edible hand painted rocks and wooden flowers Kitchen

The cake topper was custom designed 3D printed globe with silhouettes. There were 4 silhouettes depicting different stages in a couples journey. The silhouettes turned on a base with a light. As the base turned the silhouettes told the story of the couple (couple walking, couple dancing, the proposal, the wedding).

Custom cake topper Kitchen Cents

This cake was the most time-consuming to create but most rewarding. It was truly unique and perfect for my friend’s wedding!

Simple White Fondant Cake with Wooden Flower Accents

Wedding Theme: Shabby chic, simple, rustic

Wedding Colors: Dark turquoise, burnt orange, cream

This simply elegant wedding cake is a classic beauty.

Simple white fondant wedding cake with wooden flowers Kitchen Cents

My friend used identical flowers for her cake as she had in her bouquet and decorations. The cake had 4 tiers: 6″, 8″, 10″, 12″. At the request of my friend, the top two tiers were cake and the bottom two were rice crispy treats.

Let’s talk about flavors. for this cake, the top two tiers were fresh lemon cake and fresh raspberry mousse filling. It was beautiful and tasted amazing. The bottom two layers were rice crispy treats and swiss meringue buttercream.

A dark turquoise burlap ribbon finished each tier. All accents on this cake were non-edible. Although this was the most simple cake, the final design was stunning. The beautiful wooden flowers were so vibrant against the clean white marshmallow fondant. I made sure to add a few accent pieces to the back – no one likes a bare back.

Wedding cake back, simple fondant with wooden flowers kitchen Cents

When the couple sliced into the cake it smelled wonderful and the raspberry mousse made the center of the cake pop with pink.

Raspberry mousse filling lemon cake Kitchen Cents

PRO TIP: Serve cake slices with extra filling or frosting to add an elegant touch and additional flavor.

Birch Tree Wedding Cake Idea

Wedding Theme: Rustic Chic, Western

Wedding Colors: Dark blue, burnt orange, browns, cream

Are you looking for a creative woodsy looking cake? Bring the outdoors in with this birch tree cake. My cousin’s fiancé gave me a couple of inspirational pictures and I ran with them.

Rustic wedding cake, aspen tree cake Kitchen Cents

Knowing what I now, this cake would be much easier to recreate. You know what they say, hindsight is 20/20! This birch tree cake had 3 tiers all designed to look like an actual birch tree. The tier sizes were 6″, 9″ and 12″.

Each tier was a different flavor per the couples request. Top tier was vanilla cake with fresh strawberry filling. Middle tier was chocolate cake with swiss meringue buttercream. Bottom tier was vanilla cake with peach filling.

Rustic aspen tree wedding cake |Kitchen Cents

I research the best way to create the bark look. After considering white molding chocolate I opted out due to how pricey option it is. I contemplated doing fondant like the other cakes I’ve made (one sheet with rounded top edge). I ended up using marshmallow fondant and applying it like you would molding chocolate. This offered a sharper edge and made the outside fondant look like actual bark.

Using additional fondant, I formed the scars, knots and accents on the “bark.” Using a variety of sculpting tools, I scratched and scored the fondant with horizontal lines to make it look like bark. Finally, the cake was ready for some color.

I used an airbrush machine to color the base cake and create a wood look on the top of each tier. Then I added depth and dimension using dark brown gel coloring.

Heart in an aspen cake Kitchen Cents

Lastly, the finished cake was embellished with pinecones, cotton sprigs, feathers and silk flowers.


Stay tuned over the next few months. I will be sharing all the nitty gritty deets on how I created each of these cakes. The supplies, tools, products and recipes I used.

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