45-Minute Basil Pesto Quick Rolls

These delicious Basil Pesto Rolls are ready in 45 minutes, bursting with basil pesto flavor, and are great with soups, salads or as a snack.  That makes these an awesome addition to any meal!

Easy 45-Minute Basil Pesto Quick Rolls | Kitchen Cents

Are you a basil pesto fan? If you come around often, you may already know, basil pesto is a favorite around here.  When I moved into my current home in 2014 I built a couple inexpensive garden boxes in a shady area of my property.  There we grow a bunch of herbs… basil being our favorite and most used.

Every year I make and freeze this super easy, inexpensive, DELICIOUS basil pesto.  I like to use cashew nuts to make it instead of pine nuts because they are SOOOO much cheaper, like $12 a pound cheaper.

Easy 5-Minute Blender Basil Pesto | Kitchen Cents

 I came up with the idea for these pretty basil pesto rolls a week or so ago.  I have a favorite fast dinner rolls recipe I use at least once a week.  I was getting ready to make some Spicy Roasted Tomato Veggie Soup (recipe to come soon- I’ll drop a picture below for your viewing pleasure).  As I was adding the pesto to the soup I thought, why not add pesto to my rolls??? Light bulb moment right there, tell ya what.

Spicy Tomato Veggie Soup | Kitchen Cents

That’s just what I did.  With a modification or two, I added the basil pesto to the dough and on top after cooking.  They were awesome, especially with the tomato-based soup I had made.

These basil pesto rolls were so fast to make… 45 minutes fast.  If you are a homemade bread or roll maker you know how awesome and fast that is!  It’s one of those recipes you can have ready for dinner with little time or effort.

You can find the full printable recipe and instructions HERE or click any of the big purple buttons below.

Click here for the recipe | KitchenCents.com

As you can see, when the rolls came out of the oven, they looked a little “plain.”

Easy 45-Minute Basil Pesto Quick Rolls | Kitchen Cents

I had already added basil pesto to the roll dough but figured they would taste and look even better with that vibrant green, super flavorful herb mixture coating the tops.  Oh my, was I right!!!

Easy 45-Minute Basil Pesto Quick Rolls | Kitchen Cents

They tasted amazing and don’t they look gorge?  You can make yours in the traditional dinner roll shape or like these shamrock inspired shape.  To make the clover shape I rolled each dough ball into a snake.  I looped the ends as if I were tying a knot.  Instead of tying a knot, I looped the ends through the center a couple times.  That’s it.  I figured these would be super fun for a festive St. Patrick’s Day roll.  After all, they are green and shaped like a shamrock. <3

What’s your favorite basil pesto inspired recipe?

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Easy 45-Minute Basil Pesto Quick Rolls | Kitchen Cents

Click here for the recipe | KitchenCents.com

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