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Mint Brownie Bites



These Mint Brownie Bites will satisfy any Andes Mint lover. These made-from-scratch mini brownie cups are filled with an easy, sweet, eggless mint mousse.   Add a few fun shamrock sprinkles and you have a perfect St. Patrick’s Day treat!

Shamrock Andes Mint Mousse Brownie Bites | Kitchen Cents

A few weeks back I made some yummy mini brownie cups and filled them with a super easy raspberry mousse.  They were so good.  With St. Patrick’s Day in just a couple days, I thought why not try a mint mousse brownie bite with the mint mousse I made last week?  I did and here’s how it turned out.

Shamrock Andes Mint Mousse Brownie Bites | Kitchen Cents

Aren’t they so cute?!?!  They are as good as they look.

In honor of St. Patty’s Day, we added some oh so fun shamrock sprinkles.  My little ladies LOVED them.  If it’s not near St. Patrick’s Day or you’d prefer to tone down the festive look, you can definitely just do a simple drizzle of chocolate on the top to make the beautiful green mint mousse pop.

Looking for the full printable recipe? Find it HERE or by clicking any of the big buttons below.

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You can find the step by step instructions for the Andes Mint Mousse I used for this recipe here.  It’s really easy AND eggless.  Always a plus in my book and my girls love that because mom will let them lick the spatula. 😉

The brownie cups are amazing, made from scratch and are really quick to make.  This recipe makes 24 mini brownie cups.  The mousse… you might end up with a little extra.  I figure you’ll need a taste here and there to make sure it’s perfect, right?  We’re all about tasting as we go and re-tasting *wink* to make sure our sweet treats are just right.

The chewy soft brownie with the sweet Andes mint mousse makes this a delicious dessert anytime.  The added sprinkles and fun light green color make it perfect for St. Patrick’s Day.

Shamrock Andes Mint Mousse Brownie Bites | Kitchen Cents

This brownie cup recipe is our favorite.  The brownie comes out chewy and soft but still holds up to a filling.  We’ve even made caramel filled brownie cups, which I might add, taste like a giant soft Rolo! Yum! I totally think they looked like little pots of gold.  What do you think?  Maybe my girls and I can set some out under a leprechaun trap.  I hear leprechauns are all about the pots of gold. Haha.

Pot of Gold caramel brownie bites | Kitchen Cents

Do you have any fun St. Patrick’s Day traditions?

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Click for a delicious Recipe | Kitchen Cents

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