Better Than Dinner Rolls Butterhorns

Step up your game this Thanksgiving by ditching that classic dinner roll for these buttery, rich Better-Than-Dinner-Rolls Butterhorns.  They are so much more than a bread roll!

Better Than Dinner Rolls Butterhorns | Kitchen Cents

This amazing butterhorns recipe came to me by a very special person and through beautiful means. Ryan, my husband, lost his mother to cancer 10 years ago this December.  I never had the honor to meet her in person because Ryan and I didn’t meet until just after her passing.  Nonetheless, this recipe was from her.

Near the time of her passing, only two of her four children were married and she had 2 grandkids.  In her last months on this earth, she spent hours and hours putting together what we know as our “grandma box.”  She made one for each of her kids, married or not, kids or not. It was a large bin full of blankets, baby clothes, scrapbooks of her, stories with handmade puppets, and a recipe book.  It has been a beautiful way I and our three (soon to be four) children could get to know her even though we won’t meet on this earth.

After hearing stories from Ryan of these famous butterhorns “my mom always made,” I had to find the recipe.  I found the recipe in “grandma’s cookbook,” the one she gave in the “grandma box.”

To say this recipe is special… it is and once you try it, you will be making beautiful memories with it yourself. Whether you make these to add to a delicious Thanksgiving spread or your family’s weeknight dinner table, you are going to love the buttery, richness that’s inside.

Another great fact about these butterhorns is that they are pretty easy to make.  Here’s a little video we put together to show you how easy they are.

You can find the full printable recipe HERE or by clicking on the link below.

Click here for the recipe |

I will show you how we make these delicious butterhorn rolls.  They really are so much better than the classic dinner roll.

I start by getting the yeast mixture ready.  This includes warm water, sugar, and instant yeast.

Better Than Dinner Rolls Butterhorns | Kitchen Cents

Next, I scald the milk. You can do this in a pan over the stove or, for ease and speed, you can microwave the milk to heat it (about 1 minute).  Once hot, but not boiling, I add the butter, sugar, and salt.  I add a bit of the hot milk mixture to the egg to avoid making a scrambled egg in the dough and set aside until I’m ready for it.

Better Than Dinner Rolls Butterhorns | Kitchen Cents

In my Kitchen Aid mixer with a bread hook attachment, I add the flour. Then add the yeast mixture, milk mixture, and egg.  I mix until the flour is incorporated and a soft dough has formed. If you don’t want to use a mixer you can also make this down in a large bowl just like in the video above.

Better Than Dinner Rolls Butterhorns | Kitchen Cents

On a floured surface, I pour the dough out, sprinkle with flour, knead for about 30 seconds.  Once kneaded I let it rest and rise until doubled.  This can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour depending on the temperature of where the dough is left to raise.

Better Than Dinner Rolls Butterhorns | Kitchen CentsOnce the dough has doubled in size I pour onto a well-floured surface, divide in half, and form a circle.  The dough will be very soft so make sure to use plenty of flour. The Best Butterhorns | Kitchen Cents

I make the dough about 3/4 to 1 inch thick, spread with softened butter, then cut like a pizza into 12 equal pieces.

Better Than Dinner Rolls Butterhorns | Kitchen Cents

Starting at the wider end, I roll the dough.  This will make it look like a horn or similar to a crescent.  Set on a cookie sheet with room for them to spread.  They will get much bigger. Yum!  Once rolled and placed on a baking sheet, I let them rise for about 15 minutes then bake them at 375 degrees F. for about 20 minutes, or until the tops are golden brown.

Better Than Dinner Rolls Butterhorns | Kitchen Cents

Once they’re out of the oven and still warm I bast with butter.

The Best Butterhorns | Kitchen Cents

DELISH!  I seriously can’t tell you enough how these butterhorns are a step (or 5) above that classic dinner roll.  They are so good you will have a hard time only taking one.  Just look at that buttery swirl!

Better Than Dinner Rolls Butterhorns | Kitchen Cents

I hope you enjoy these amazing butterhorns as much as our family does.

Do you have a recipe that’s been passed down from someone that’s very special to you?  I’d love to hear the what recipe and the story behind it. Post it in the comments!

Click here for the recipe |

Better Than Dinner Rolls Butterhorns | Kitchen Cents

Click here for the recipe |

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