Raspberry Mousse Brownie Cups

Mini Raspberry Mousse Brownie Cups just in time for Valentine’s Day! These bite-sized chocolate brownie cups are filled with smooth, delicious, easy raspberry mousse and topped with a sweet raspberry syrup.

Mini Valentine's Raspberry Mousse Brownie Cups | Kitchen Cents

These miniature brownie cups filled with raspberry mousse (both homemade and super easy to make) would be awesome for the big day of Love.  Whether you enjoy them with a significant other, friend, family, or by yourself, they will bring the love!

This brownie recipe has become my go-to homemade recipe for making brownie cups.  It’s chocolatey and delicious but holds together like you need a brownie cup to do.  It won’t fall apart on you the second you pick it up.  Always a good thing! 😉

You can find the full printable recipe HERE or by clicking on any of the large purple buttons below.

Click here for the recipe | KitchenCents.com

To make these delicious brownie mousse cups, I start with a homemade brownie batter.  This batter is great for these mini brownie cups because it’s dense and chewy.  It won’t fall apart when you pick it up or after you feel it.

To make the brownie cups batter, I mix the butter and cocoa powder together then add the sugar and vanilla.  Once the sugar and vanilla are mixed in I add the eggs.

 Perfectly Mini Chocolate Brownie Bites | Kitchen Cents

Next, the dry ingredients go in (flour, salt, and baking powder).  I only mix the dry ingredients until they are incorporated.  Don’t overmix.  Once the batter is mixed I scoop (I like to use a size 70 scoop which equivalent to 1 tablespoon) the batter into lightly floured mini muffin tins.  The recipe makes 48 mini brownie bits.  Once the pans are filled, bake’em!

Perfectly Mini Chocolate Brownie Bites | Kitchen Cents

This brownie recipe is fabulous for these because they aren’t overly sweet.  This recipe is dense, chewy and resembles a dark chocolate.  It’s the perfect brownie cup to fill with sweet mousse.

The Raspberry Mousse I used in these is so easy.  You can find step-by-step directions for the mousse HERE.  This mousse is eggless and comes together pretty fast.  If you follow the Raspberry Mousse recipe you will only need a half batch.  If I were you, I’d make the whole batch and enjoy some mousse by itself or with fruit.  Yum!

Easy 4-Ingredient Raspberry Mousse | Kitchen Cents

After the brownie bits are done baking, I let them cool for about 5 minutes.  I use a small fondant rolling pin to make the bowl part.  You can use a measuring spoon or get creative with what you have on hand.  I pop the brownie cups out of the pan before filling.  This helps keep everything clean as sometimes the brownie cups will stick to the pan.

Perfectly Mini Chocolate Brownie Bites | Kitchen Cents

Now, the brownie cups are cooled and ready to be filled.  Once the mousse is made I put the mousse into a plastic ziplock bag with a piping tip on the end.  You can just make a small hole in the corner if you don’t have piping tips.

Mini Valentine's Raspberry Mousse Brownie Cups | Kitchen Cents

I used a simple raspberry syrup to drizzle on top.  I made that out of some extra raspberries a little water and sugar.  You could also use raspberry jam or even chocolate (white, milk or dark).

Mini Valentine's Raspberry Mousse Brownie Cups | Kitchen Cents

Don’t they look delicious?!  I’m here to tell you… they are so good!  I would know because how many I enjoyed. 😉  We ended up having these as part of a tea party.  My 3 oldest little misses LOOOOVE tea parties.  I swear, through the month of February, we have a tea party two to three times a week if not more.

Mini Valentine's Raspberry Mousse Brownie Cups | Kitchen Cents

That’s it.  You can put them in the fridge for 4-6 hours to help the mousse set but that’s not required.  I store these in the fridge if they don’t all get eaten right then.  They will keep in the fridge for up to 5 days but are best if eaten within one to two days.

Who would you share these delicious bite-sized Raspberry Mousse Brownie Cups with this Valentine’s?

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Mini Valentine's Raspberry Mousse Brownie Cups | Kitchen Cents

Click here for the recipe | KitchenCents.com

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    These look like they would be perfect for my birthday next week! Yum, thanks for sharing!

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      What?! Your birthday?! These are perfect for a birthday. 🙂 Happy birthday next week and we’ll have to celebrate when you are down this way at the end of the month! 😉

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